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Participant Info

Participant Info

The Marlborough Muster will spotlighting Junior Fife & Drum Corps this year!  Line up will feature Junior Corps and then registered corps in the order they are received.  Spot #2 will be awarded to a muster sponsor via silent auction.  Proceeds will support the muster.  Click here to enter a bid for line up spot two. If by chance there is a lot of interest in this year’s muster, it will be capped at 30 corps.


Glass is not permitted on the grounds of Blish Park. Libations should be in a cup or mug.

Camping will be permitted on the grounds of Blish Park though not in the playscape area. Space for Campers and RVs is limited. There is plenty of space for tents. A donation is requested for Campers/ RVs based on length.

• $10 under 20 feet

• $20 over 20 feet


Jamming will cease by 10:30pm on both nights.


There will be a shuttle bus available on Saturday to transport musicians to the parade line up on Pettengill Rd. The parade will kick off at 11am and will proceed down North Main St. A right turn onto Lake street will bring you into the park, and across the muster field


The Muster meal will be served to participants beginning at 1pm. 


With a new muster committee working with the town and others to put together a great muster while trying a few new things, we’ll look forward to feedback following the muster to consider for future years.  


Check back for updates in September as plans continue to develop!


2023 Marlborough Muster Schedule

Friday| September 15

12:00pm - Camping Set Up Opens

6:30pm - Tattoo Begins on Muster Field

10:30pm - Jamming Closes

Saturday| September 16

9:45-10:45am - Shuttle Bus to Parade Start

11:00am - Parade Step Off, Muster to Follow

1:00pm - Muster Meal for Participants

10:30pm - Jamming Closes

Sunday | September 17

12:00pm - Campers Departed, Final Clean Up

1:30pm - Town Inspection

Blish Memorial Park

32 Park Rd, Marlborough, CT 06447

Muster Date

September 15-17, 2023


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